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Maintaining a Virtual Presence in your Home (Video)

By Roy L Hales

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A recent Lux Research report described the growth of Home energy management (HEM) technologies during the last decade and predicted that Europe and the United States will lead in their development. One of these devices is described in the video below. The smartphone app “Presence” allows homeowners to monitor, and control, the usage of their electrical devices from anywhere in the world.

In the following video, the company’s CEO Gene Wang explains how his app transforms spare wi-fi tablets, iPhones, iPads, and iPods into real time monitors and video cameras.

A Ferrari inspired power gage shows how much your heater is costing in real time. Check out how much it has cost in the past. Once you know how much you are spending, you may want to turn it off! The good news being that with Presence, you can do this from anywhere on the globe.

Presence also uses wireless video cameras with motion detection video alerts for free home security monitoring.

 In fact Wang told Forbes the inspiration for his app was the high cost of security systems.

“My mother’s home had been burglarized twice in the past year, and I was really intent on finding a system that was affordable and easy to use.”

One of Wang’s favorite user stories is about the app alerting a small business owner that his warehouse was being burglarized. He notified the police and they arrived in time to catch the intruder.

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