From "The Myth of Energy Storage vs Baseload"

Is storage necessity a myth? A Review

 Video from Rocky Mountain Institute 

Reviewed by Roy L Hales

In the video “the Storage Necessity Myth,” Amory Lovins tackles one of the most commonly held beliefs of the green industry. While “a breakthrough in cheap bulk storage of electricity would be helpful,” he contends it is not necessary. Is storage necessity a myth?

Lovins contends it is, we can meet demand by choreographing available sources.

He pointed out that fossil fuels plants are also down 10-12% of the time. They sometimes go down without warning. The grid handles this intermittence by calling on other sources of electricity.

Renewable energy can be choreographed in the same way. In one of his examples, wind and solar provided 86% of the energy needed in Texas for one week.  The remainder could be provided by geothermal and small hydro.

Denmark, Spain and Scotland all obtain close to half of their energy from renewables now. Portugal obtained 70% for the first half of 2013 and an average of 58% for the year.

“The National Renewable Energy Lab has also choreographed reliable 80% to 90% renewable electricity for the lower 48 United States,” he said.

Lovins contends that wind and solar are taking over and conventional plants should only be used when absolutely necessary.

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