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Vote for the Places You would Like to See Solar Panels

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PM1Mosaic has just launched a new crowd sourcing platform. They drew up a list of 300,000 public schools, private schools, libraries and places of worship across the United States and fed the data into their new Mosaic Places platform. Visitors to the site are invited to vote for the places you would like to see solar panels.

The concept came out of a successful New Years pledge launched by Mosaic and actor Mark Ruffalo, asking people to #PutSolarOnIt in 2014.

“I’m helping put solar on my kids’ school to save the school money and free up resources that will be aimed at their education instead of fossil fuels,” Ruffalo announced at that time.

The campaign was obviously a success.


Now Mosaic will donate $100 for every fifty votes, to put solar on prospective sites.

What is more, “homeowners who go solar through a Mosaic Place’s page will be eligible to receive a $500 gift, which they can donate to put solar on ‘that’ place.”

“We want to make it easy for communities to go solar,“ said Mosaic spokesperson Katie Ullman.

The company’s press release states:

Anyone can use Mosaic Places by going to, finding or adding a Place and sharing their chosen Place with their friends to get supporters and raise funds to put solar on it. Schools, places of worship and other community groups can fundraise to put solar on their buildings by asking their community members to support their Place’s page and put solar on their homes through their Place’s page.

“We have been dreaming about this product for years,” said Mosaic President, Billy Parish. “It’s based on our belief that every building can go solar if the community is behind it. Mosaic has built a product that enables everyone to participate in transitioning the country to 100% clean energy.”

Mosaic Places is co-launching with over a dozen large non-profit partners. The Alliance for Climate Education is using Mosaic Places to empower thousands of high school students across the nation to influence parents to go solar. Interfaith Power & Light will be using Mosaic Places to build campaigns around places of worship going solar. The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy will use Mosaic Places to take institutions solar across the Southeast United States. REVERB will be using Mosaic Places to help musicians and their fans take their favorite places solar. Among others,, The Climate Reality Project, Green For All, National Wildlife Federation, Reverb, The Sierra Club, The Solutions Project and World Wildlife Fund will be joining the launch to share Mosaic Places with their communities.

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