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Sun Country Highway: Entrepreneur created Canada’s Green Highway (Video)

By David Dodge and Duncan Kinney, Green Energy Futures 

From Sep 13, 2013 – Electric vehicles are in a bit of a tricky situation. They’re rapidly improving their range and technology but sales, especially in Canada, are slow. Electric vehicles make up 0.1 per cent of all new car sales. Some of the issues holding them back are range anxiety and a lack of existing electric vehicle infrastructure. Enter Kent Rathwell and Sun Country Highway. Rathwell is an ambitious entrepreneur who’s planning to have 1000 electric vehicle chargers installed across Canada by the end of the year. Learn how he did, his very interesting story and meet a rather unexpected business parter.


David Dodge is producer and host and Duncan Kinney is editor and production manager of Green Energy Futures a multi-media series presented at

(Photo at top of page: With 700 electric car charging stations already installed you can use Sun Country Highway’s website to plan a trip in your electric car –

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